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Guide to Biopharmaceutical Solutions


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  • EDX-7200
    • Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

    The EDX-7200 is a flagship model of the EDX series in pursuit of high sensitivity, high speed and high precision. This model supports new regulations and directives for consumer and environmental compliance, such as RoHS/ELV, REACH, and TSCA with full exclusive screening analysis kits.

  • Triglycerides
    • Application Specific LC-MS Systems

    This MRM library targets fatty acids with carbon chain lengths of C14 to C22 and 0 to 6 unsaturation sites to profile the triglycerides (TG) in plasma. The library provides 195 MRM transitions, which enable 47 different triglycerides to be monitored

  • Xslicer SMX-1010/1020

    itf seniors, Xslicer SMX-1010/1020

    • Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Systems

    The Xslicer SMX-1010/1020 is a vertical emission X-ray system equipped with 90 kV microfocus X-ray generator and a
    high-resolution flat panel detector. Image quality has been significantly improved over the previous model (SMX-1000 Plus), and
    fifa 18 online games free play now’ s renowned operability has advanced even further.

  • DPiMS QT
    • LC-MS Components & Accessories

    The DPiMS QT probe electrospray ionization kit is attached to a quadrupole time-of-flight MS. The probe allows extremely small sample volumes to be selected and introduced into the MS unit for analysis. The DPiMS QT is a direct ionization interface unit that makes it simple for users to switch to ESI.

  • Py-Screener Ver.2

    nhl covers, Py-Screener Ver.2

    • Application Specific GC-MS Systems

    Py-Screener™ Ver. 2 is designed to screen for brominated flame retardants, such as PBBs and PBDEs, and phthalate esters in polymers.

  • LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides

    neman grodno, LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides

    • Application Specific LC-MS Systems

    This Method Package provides optimized analytical conditions, including chromatographic separation and MS parameters, for the determination of two types of modified nucleosides and factors for normalization. It also includes examples of sample preparation methods for blood serum and urine samples. Consequently, this product can be used to analyze specific modified nucleosides in urine and blood serum without the need for time-consuming method development.

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